Eyeballs activate every possible channel to make curiosity contagious and make more and more people aware of the monetization of their attention.

Journalists, researchers, developers, curious minds, welcome. Contact us for more information.

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HestiaLabs is a common good project. It supports "data collectives" like The Eyeballs in their governance, their goal setting and mostly in their technical infrastructure.

HestiaLabs helps The Eyeballs do the hard work of analysing the data collected and turning it into actionable insights for its members, while fully respecting their privacy.

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Global nonprofit focused on data protection, PersonalData.IO encourages collaborative dynamics between the general public and civil society in all of its diversity (activists, researchers, educators, etc).

Through its awareness-raising initiatives, it helps to change the perception of issues such as The Eyeballs'one and encourages individuals to become agents of change.

Mediacom EPFL, CC BY-SA 4.0

Academic partners

The Eyeballs would be delighted to team up with one or more academic partners. Their expertise and legitimacy on our topics would enhance the value of the knowledge we create and give it the scientific resonance it deserves.

Kasa Fue, CC BY-SA 4.0

Media partners

The Eyeballs does not produce opinions but facts: real case studies based on the analysis of real data.

We build these real stories with and for real people, not without their knowledge.

Contact us to offer your readers/listeners/viewers this informative experience.

(Here is an example of what we did with Le Temps)