Discover the invisible

There’s a lot going on behind your screen when you read an article or scroll content on social media.

Your behavior is analyzed and transformed into data that are sold to target you with ads.

The Eyeballs give you the means to see the digital world as it is and not as its actors want you to see it.


First, download your Twitter archive.

Then, discover all the advertisers targeting you and drill down into the targeting criteria they use to do so.


First, download your Facebook archive (json format).

Next, find out what information advertisers share with Facebook to target you more precisely and the portrait of you that Facebook sells (the list of your interests).

Ad Radar

How much are you worth? How much is a second of your attention worth?

Our web browser extension displays the price the advertiser paid to target you directly on the ads surrounding the content you are viewing.

Subject access requests

Most companies do not offer an easy interface to download your data.

But they must give you access to the information they have accumulated about you (they are obliged to do so by law, whether European, British or Swiss).

As this can be a laborious process, we have automated it for you.