How much is your attention worth?

Every second you spend online, thousands of sensors track your behaviour. The best data experts have designed them to profile you and design the message, the image, the video likely to arouse your interest. By any means necessary.

To get your attention, advertisers have spent over US$375 billion on digital media in 2020 alone.

How am I targeted? How much am I worth? More or less than my neighbour? Why? Join the Eyeballs and find out what digital sauce you are being eaten with.

You are influenced

“No way. I'm not. The only ones who get influenced are the conspiracists and the kids on Instagram, not me.” Don't be so sure... Brands and political parties use profiling and brain mechanisms to subtly affect your opinions and behavior.

Who is trying to convince you? Of what? What traces did you leave online for them to believe that you are manipulable?

Join the Eyeballs to understand how you are influenced, compare yourself to the average and see the difference in perception of your profile between the different apps and media you use.

News and events

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Twitter showed me 1472 ads in the last three months. Here's how and why.

Our workshops to discover what social networks know about you

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How Facebook plans to watch you even when you shop offline

Facebook wants to collect data outside its platforms, on the sites and in the physical stores of its client-advertisers, for the better? Well, for the worse, for users.

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I am a woman, I speak German and I like milk, so says Twitter

If you want to know how I ended up being a guinea pig for The Eyeballs' project and follow my first steps in the labyrinth of data that Twitter has accumulated on me, it's right here.