Your data speaks for you

You've already received an ad that convinced you that your phone is listening, right?

The (no less creepy) reality is that everything you do online says more about you than you can imagine.

Thanks to your clicks, likes, how fast you click or scroll, who you chat with, what your friends are doing, where you go... platforms and data brokers are creating a digital double of you that is truer than life.

To achieve this, these players collect, buy and cross-reference all the footprints you leave when you inform yourself, entertain yourself or consume online.

The good news is that this data does not belong to them. It belongs to you. And you can get it back via a subject access request. Any private company is must send you this information within 30 days.

Ready to find out what your favourite apps have collected about you?⤵️

Please note: for easier understanding of what this data represents, we also maintain a freely accessible data catalog.

Subject access requests generator

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