Your data speaks for you

You've already received an ad that convinced you that your phone is listening, right?

The (no less creepy) reality is that everything you do online says more about you than you can imagine.

Thanks to your clicks, likes, how fast you click or scroll, who you chat with, what your friends are doing, where you go... platforms create a digital twin of you that is truer than life.

They are able to simulate the conversation you are having. They are able to know that you will change jobs in 6 months. Before you know it yourself.

To meet your digital self and understand how you are being targeted, download all the footprints you left online or find out how much you are worth to an advertiser ⤵️

First step: Social Networks

Click here to request your Twitter data

Click here to request your Facebook data (Chose the JSON format, it's important!)

Other platforms will follow, we are working on it.

Once your data is retrieved (zip file), go to our web app to understand which advertisers are targeting you, to what extent, and why.

There we explain you your "targetingValue" (examples: interested in politics, likes sports, speaks English, lives in Zurich, follows @U2 on Twitter...). Suddenly, everything will become clear and you'll be able to compare your results with those of your friends.

Second step: site displaying ads

We also developed another tool: a browser extension that reveals the price paid by an advertiser to display an ad on websites (work only on websites using the header bidding technology to display adds).

It's still in beta version but you can already have a preview (and even try it) by following this link.

Please note: for easier understanding of what this data represents, we also maintain a freely accessible data catalog.

Media that have data about you

If you want to know what your favorite media know about you, use this form.